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Past Life Regression Therapy (P.L.R.T.) MP3

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Have you ever wondered how your past lives affect you? Understanding experiences in your past lives can impact your future.


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Your Soul’s Journey: Have you ever wondered how your past lives affect you? Understanding experiences in your past lives can impact your future.

What Is Past Life Regression?

If you’ve ever had an eerie feeling that you know something or someone you’ve never met in this life before – sometimes called a “déjà vu” — it may be based on a past life experience or memory.

The basis for Past Life Regression Therapy  ( P.L.R.T.) is the belief in reincarnation, or the idea that your soul is reborn in different bodies over a long period of time, as your soul evolves so do your life’s lessons.

How Does Past Life Regression Therapy Work?

Past Life Regression Therapy looks back into the lives you led in previous incarnations to help you understand where your soul has been and how past life experiences may impact your life today.

Trauma or difficult experience in a past life can leave spiritual “scars” and affect the way you feel and behave in this life. P.L.R.T.  can explain certain fears or phobias you might have and help you overcome them, based on an understanding of their origins in a past life.

In Past Life Regression Therapy you are hypnotized and guided to go back in your memory to past lives. Taking you back softly guided through Divine Light Higher Source Connection. The loving white light protects and safeguards you on your  journey into your past.

Past Life Love

A strong loving relationship you may have had with someone in a previous life may carry through to your present day incarnation. This can be revealed in P.L.R.T. and can help clarify why you feel so strongly about certain people with whom you have unusually close ties or stormy relationships. P.L.R.T. can also illuminate complicated connections between you and loved ones that are based on many shared lifetimes.

Past Life And Present Life Connection

Accessing your past lives can have a profound impact on your present experiences. This is not because you discover that you were once Sir Isaac Newton,  Cleopatra or Florence Nightingale.

More importantly, Past Life Regression Therapy shows patterns that evolve in your relationships and motivations through various lifetimes, allowing you to make the most of who you are today.

Levels Of P.L.R.T Depth

There are 4 levels of depth in P.L.R.T. ranging from light trance where you simply see colors to deep trance where you experience looking at your life as a third-party experience, much like watching a television show.

Each time you utilize this P.L.R.T Hypnotherapeutic Recording you will go deeper and deeper.  This is the advantage of purchasing the MP3 as you can feel comfortable to access this state over and over in the comfort of your own safe sanctuary.

Patience is recommended as you may need to utilize the recording several times till you elevate the things that may be holding you  back from experiencing a deeper level of Trance; such as fear, toxic lifestyle habits,  and caffeine consumption.

Is P.L.R.T Scary? No, it’s just different.

When you recall an old memory, does it scare you? Probably not. A few incidents might create anxiety for the future, or stir other emotions like anger, insecurity or sorrow. But then logic will kick in, and you’ll be able to self-soothe.

Will You Remember The Regression? Yes, you will remember everything as I guide you through the journey. Past Life Regression is not like stage hypnosis – you won’t be doing anything you don’t remember. You will be aware throughout and in a deeply relaxed state. You’ll be answering my questions as I guide you through the journey. All you’ll need to do is relax. Just allow whatever comes into your mind to do so, and I will guide you from there.

The purpose P.L.R.T.  hypnotherapy is to revisit the exact moment in the past which influenced your behavior to be a certain way.

When you revisit a subconscious fear and retrain your brain to look at it differently, you alter your conscious behavior too.

It can seem exciting to revisit the Akashic Records and retrieve your soul’s journey. But becoming overly obsessed with the past is one of many spiritual vices.

Please remember that Past Life Regression is useful to understand some of our behaviors, we don’t always need to know WHY something happened for us to change who we are NOW.

  • Reconnect with past life experiences.
  • Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places.
  • Explore your past life and current Soulmate experiences.
  • Identify physical ailments you have, which may be remnants of Past Life experiences.
  • Explore unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears or beliefs which you have been unable to explain.
  • Acknowledge and embrace the key lessons learned through those lives.

“If you are interested in a deeper exploration of the forces that have shaped your spirit through many incarnations Past Life Regression Therapy can be a very powerful and transformative experience.”


Jennifer Matteo-Holtz C.Ht

P.L.R.T. IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR Anyone that had been diagnosed with *Psychotic Episodes or *Schizophrenia !!!


Disclaimer: By purchasing this Hypnotherapeutic Recording you take total responsibility for all outcomes related to the use of this Self Guided Hypnosis MP3 and do NOT hold Jennifer Matteo-Holtz C.Ht or  Enlightened Hypnotherapy & Guidance L.L.C. accountable for any damages caused by the use of this Hypnotherapeutic Recording.

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