Pricing Options : Listed In cost effective order

#1.) Amazing Instant Access self guided Hypnosis Mp3’s available for immediate purchase and download @ $20-$50. range available on website NOW! Scroll through SHOP button there are 33 Mp3’s to choose from to support your needs.

#2) Custom Mastered Hypnotherapy MP3  The most advised form of next level immediate Hypnosis. This is the most convenient custom form available to be produced within  7 business days. Delivered to your Email to download. No traveling, time off work and are very cost effective.

* Must schedule free consultation before purchasing this product to evaluate your personal needs and goals to be therapeutic in nature so we are on the same page for your treatment.  *There are no refunds on custom recorded MP3s. Custom Hypnosis is conveniently delivered via email with download instructions.

#3) In Person Hypnotherapy Session  $300.00 for 90 min. Any additional appointment sessions are billed hourly at $300.00.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions Virtual and In-Person Options 

#1) 15 minutes $45.00 Rapid Intuitive Guidance 

#2) 30 minutes $100.oo Relationship Love and Accelerated Guidance 

#3) 60 minutes $200.00 In-depth Intuitive  Enlightenment and Mediumship Spiritual Channeling 

#4) 120 Minutes  $400.00   In Person Group Gallery Available to travel to you. View in Booking Page. 

Must be 18 yrs old to participate in any services. Adult supervision and release signature is required by both parents. An additional sitting fee of $50.00 for more than the child accompanying the minor in the room during services.

Sessions are able to be recorded  by me for additional $20.00 fee and will be delivered in MP3 format for downloading. Prior notice of this request is advised.

*Client recordings of sessions are NOT ALLOWED due to the ability to alter the recording.* 

ALL additional service fees are listed in description on Booking Page 

Intuitive Guidance, Tarot & Spirit Sessions

Intuitive Guidance sessions fees are as listed above. All of my services are offered via Virtual Video, Face Time, Google Meets and  Tela-Therapy /Phone Call for your convenience. In person Group Sessions are available with a minimum of 4 people to maximum of 20 People in group event. If you have a larger group please schedule a FREE Consultation to achieve greater understanding of possibilities involved.


H.S.A. Reimburses Hypnosis Expenses. Your HSA (Health Savings Account) may include reimbursement for Hypnotherapy fees.  Check with your H.S.A. The expenses of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy and Mental Training many times are eligible to be paid through your H.S.A. due to their primary nature of alleviating emotional, physical and mental health concerns. Payment is made initially and a Super Bill Receipt of Payment will be printed and given to you to submit to your HSA for reimbursement.


We DO NOT BILL INSURANCE. Enlightened Hypnotherapy and Guidance does NOT accept medicare, medical assistance, general assistance medical care. However, some insurance companies may reimburse you for services. Check with your insurance company or health savings plan for additional details. I suggest that you think of my services as something you will invest in yourself personally as a way to grow healthier and happier in the long term.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours in advance notice is required to cancel session.If this is not done via phone call the full cost of the treatment will be kept as booked. No refunds on Bookings, Products or Services Rendered

Reinforcement Recording of Your Session

A fee of $20.00 will be enforced for all recorded Intuitive Guidance Sessions sent via MP3 with instructions to download and save your session.

All Hypnotherapy Sessions are recorded at no additional cost and a downloadable recording in MP3 format will be sent to your email for you to listen to and MUST BE SAVED  within 48 hours. Jennifer Matteo-Holtz C.Ht is not responsible for deleted or unsaved MP3 sessions.  Should you fail to save your session. You will be offered the ability to purchase a re-recorded MP3 of your session at a discounted price of $65.00 & 1 week waiting period for delivery.

I offer all clients reinforcement recorded services of the personalized In-Person  appointments.

Hypnotherapy Reinforcement Recordings are sent via MP3 to support your habit changes and motivational mental development.  MP3’S are emailed directly to you. Reinforcement Recordings assist your goals forward with deep subconscious motivation messages after your session is completed. The majority of people begin to experience the positive change immediately upon finishing the first session. Of course, daily reinforcement does make a difference. It is recommended that you listen to the Reinforcement Recordings EVERY DAY for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days.