What to Expect from Your Hypnotherapy Appointment

You will be presented with important documents to read and sign before we are to have the initial session.

  • Acknowledgement of Services and Fees
  • Application – Personal Data Record and Release
  • Consent to Release Information
  • Disclosure of Services
  • My Personal Hypnotherapist Biography

We will go into my cozy office and sit with tea or water and review together your Life History Questionnaire. We will discuss your chief concerns and presenting issue. Ultimately agreement on they type of Hypnotherapy you feel comfortable with electing for services.

I will explain the Theory of the Mind and how every human mind functions biologically. So that you feel comfortable with how your mind will achieve the Hypnotic State very naturally and comfortably. I will conduct a Suggestibility Test. *Don’t worry you can’t fail this test.

Once I am aware of your suggestibility we will start the Hypnotic Induction. It is a very quick and easy process. You will simply start to notice my voice more and become very alert and relaxed. You will not be a sleep. You will be more alert than ever before. Your subconscious mind will hear everything that is around you and suggestions of positive thoughts, feelings and statements will be given to you during your restful event. However, your eyes will be closed. Some people report a very deep comfortable rested feeling, some people experience it as a dream state. Each person is unique and has a very different level of depth accomplished. This is when I will apply the agreed therapeutic suggestions per your agreed consent. Once you have accepted these anchors of success, and are displaying ideometer agreement responses. You will be brought up and out of Hypnosis to a completely alert non-suggestible state. Feeling very positive, peaceful, balanced and better than ever. More rested than before your appointment.

Break Down Of Steps

  1. Induction (Assistance reaching the state of R.E.M.)
  2. Progressive Full Body Relaxation
  3. Deepener & Guided imagery
  4. Hypnotherapy & N.L.P. (Suggestions administered that have been predetermined by you for your benefit & betterment)
  5. Raised To Full  Conscious Awareness
  6. Time to use the facilities or have  a  drink of cold water offered.
  7. Schedule next appointment
  8. Issued Reinforcement Recording of the session . This session is sent to your Email in MP3 format for amplification of subconscious suggestions to be used for the next 3-5 weeks in the comfort of your home. (Instructions for use, downloading and saving sent with MP3)

How To Prepare For Your Appointment

  1. Let go of expectations. In order to experience hypnosis you need to be in the allowing state. It is impossible to hypnotize anyone against their will. Consider this a mental massage for your subconscious mind to make room for positive emotions and wellbeing.
  2. Reduce your caffeine intake for a few days before your appointment. Such as stimulants like energy drinks, coffee or soda.
  3. Get a good nights rest. Arrive as rested as possible. If you end up falling asleep in my chair. I will be able to tell. I will politely bring you back up by repeating your name and bringing you to a higher level of consciousness. However, sleep is not Hypnosis so you won’t end up having as effective or productive session and unfortunately it will be a very expensive nap. You will however, feel like you had the best most rested experience after a session of hypnosis, better than sleeping over night and experience a deep feeling of understanding and peaceful happiness.
  4. Eat a small  healthy snack. Your body will be more relaxed and you will be more responsive to hypnosis when you have nourishment in your belly.
  5. Think of what you would like to work on. What habits, programming, feelings or blocks would you like to remove? How would you like to feel instead?
  6. Wear comfortable clothing. Nothing restricted or binding.
  7. Feel comfortable to ask questions. Ask anything you might want to know about in life or anything else that concerns you personally
  8. Enjoy your experience. It is meant to be a positive connection for your wellbeing.

Consider this a mental massage for your subconscious mind to make room for positive emotions and feelings.