Intuitive Guidance & Spiritual Channeling

Rev. Jennifer has achieved her Bachelor of Science (B.Msc.) in Metaphysical Science Ministries from the University of Metaphysical Science and is currently studying for her Masters Degree.

She is affiliated  with the (I.M.M.) International Metaphysical Ministries for her Ordination.

Followed by her Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy and specialty studies in (N.L.P.) Neuro Linguistic Programming   from (H.M.I)  Hypnoses Motivational Institute.

Jennifer has been tested and vetted by the Best Psychic and Mediums Directory as Authentic Proven Psychic Medium.

Certified with the American Tarot Guild of America as a True Ethical and Professional Tarot Intuitive Guide.

Rev. Jennifer enjoys assisting you with truly genuine, ethical and professionally accurate Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance Sessions open with a blessing and prayer. Messages from Spirit are only given should you choose to hear the meaningful messages they seek for you to feel and receive.

Validating Proof of your loved ones souls still in your existence every moment of life now and forever! Factual proof peaceful offering of emotional spirit support. Allowing relief of grief, loss and mending emotions.

Comprehension of all The Spiritual Laws that govern all of the Universe.

Creating Empowerment for you to quickly and easily work with these Universal Laws, instead of  struggling against the Laws.

The unique removal of your self limiting beliefs for positive personal changes and true SELF MASTERY.

You can expect visual aids such as The Enlightened Spirit Oracle. These visual assist with subconscious soul attuning .

Perceive your past, present and future circumstances in a way that can bring about healing, drive and evolved motivation for life path.

Receive incredibly detailed insights into your life. In straightforward and direct manor. Times, date and signs of omens positive and challenging aspects you should avoid.

I offer tools and self care assignments creating progress for you in your own time as assistance in your personal growth.

"Intuitive sessions illuminate the egos often unbalanced needs like fear, worry and lack. Expanding the positive for redirection.This truth brings recognizing reality and ultimate rewards in balancing of mind (M.B.S.) mind, body and spirit."

Providing you with metaphysical clarity and confidence to move forward full of purpose.

*Release the negative energy programs that have been keeping you from your happiness.

* Increasing your Higher Mind Awareness, Self Love, Joy for Life.

* Recognition of your abundant truth in health, wealth and freedom to have prosperity mindset and receive abundance.

* Connection to higher consciousness, Ethereal realms.


*Loving messages of greater understanding from spirit.

This is an eye opening cognitive way for people to feel in EMPOWERED in mind body and spirit

“The time we spend together will give you the gift of positive focus on the CAN DO’s  in your life! Wrapping you up in accurate direction for movement and focus for your life.”

Available: in person, virtual video chat, phone call, group sessions, gallery guidance readings in your home and corporate events, and speaking engagements.

“I look forward to speaking with you soon and starting our professional connection.” Namaste Rev. Jen