Healy Quantum Frequency Therapy and Aura Energy Scan Analysis

Healy is a microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for the relief of acute, chronic, arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body, relieve stress and analyze auric energy life force also referred to as (Bio magnetic Energy).

Quantum Frequency Therapy addresses the bio-electrical aspects of health and wellness. Frequency is the term used to explain the rate at which all things vibrate. Cutting-edge technology matches frequencies of symptoms to support better health and uses the principles of quantum physics. This Therapeutic technology can be applied in-person and via cell phone frequencies from any distance.

A Healy quantum sensor device is a small, wearable medical device that analyzes biomagnetism auric energy and has been developed for the treatment of chronic pain, skeletal pain and migraines as well as for the adjuvant therapy of mental illness such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders.

Frequency Therapy  delivers customized specific frequency programs to promote bio-energetic balance, vitality and overall well-being.

What conditions can Healy Quantum Frequency Therapy be used to treat?

Bioenergetic Balance

IMMUNE SYSTEM:Activation of the body’s bioenergetic defense system
COLD:Calming of mucus membranes (Not available till further notice)
ALLERGIES:Relief from allergic reactions.
HORMONES:Balancing of the hormone system.
INTESTINE:Stimulation of intestinal functioning.
NERVES:Regulation of nervous system
FLEXIBILITY:Mobilization of the joints
CIRCULATORY SYSTEM:Stimulation of the body’s energy supply.
POTENCY:Stimulation of the reproductive organs.
MENOPAUSE:Regulation of the hormonal balance.
MENSTRUATION:Local relaxation of the lower abdomen.
GASTROINTESTINAL:Balancing of gastrointestinal system.
BACTERIA & INFECTIONS:Balancing of the bioenergetic defense system. (Not available till further notice)
TONSILS:Balancing the immune system in case of infection. (Not available till further notice)
LIVER FUNCTION:Promotion of liver function
INTOLERANCE:Fostering of food tolerance.
TOXINS:Stimulation of the body’s excretory process.
HEAD:Reduction of tension.
PROSTATE:Support of the prostate gland.


CROWN CHAKRA:Connection to higher self.
THIRD EYE CHAKRA:Strengthening intuition.
THROAT CHAKRA:Promotion of constructive communication.
HEART CHAKRA:Balance empathy and self love.
SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA:Strengthening of self confidence
SACRAL CHAKRA:Stimulation of creativity.
ROOT CHAKRA:Activation of basic trust and basic self care needs.


WEIGHT:Bioenergetic stimulation of the organs that eliminate waste products.
MUSCLES:Bioenergetic optimization of cell regeneration.
CIRCULATION:Bioenergetic support of the blood supply that supports metabolism.
PERFORMANCE:Energetic activation of life force energy.
STRENGTH:Activation of the musculoskeletal system.
STAMINA:Optimization of the capacity for endurance.
REGENERATION:Bioenergetic stimulation of vitality.
DEEP RELAXATION:Bioenergetic optimization of the relaxation phase.

Gold Cycle

BALANCE: Balance of the kidneys, circulation, lymphatic system and hormones.
BEING: Regain souls emotional balance.
PURE: Recover from effects of environmental pollutants toxins and unhealthy diet and other negative factors.
CARE: Strengths your energy field through release of disorders.
ENERGY: Energy needed to energetically help you deal with life.
RELAX: Relaxing anti-stress affects.

Job & SleepLearning

Job & Sleep

ACTIVATION:Stimulation of mental clarity
POSITIVE THOUGHTS:Energetic orientation towards positive thoughts.
BALANCED NERVES:Bioenergetic promotion of the Beta State.
FATIGUE:Energy reduction of stressors
EXHAUSTION SYST:Balancing of the adrenal hormones.
EXHAUSTION ACUTE:Supports stress resistance via cranial stimulation.
EXTREME STRESS:Support of mental and physical balance.


LEARNING ACUTE:Supports learning through cranial simulation.
MEMORY:Energetic stimulus of brain metabolism.
CONCENTRATION ACUTE:Supports concentration via cranial stimulation.
EXAM ACUTE:Balancing of anxiety before tests.
STRESS ACUTE:Mood improvement via cranial stimulation.

Mental Balance

INNER STRENGTH:Promotion of self-confidence.
EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING:Balancing of emotional blocks.
FEEL GOOD SYST:Activation of confidence when you feel dejected.
CONTENTMENT SYST:Sense of self to help avoid addictive and compensatory behaviors.
CONTENTMENT ACUTE:Inner balance via cranial stimulation to aid recovery from nicotine.
INNER UNITY:Reorganization of the sense of psychic wholeness.
WELL-BEING SOUL:Energetic support for the avoidance of compulsive behavior.
MENTAL BALANCE ACUTE:Supports mental balance via cranial stimulation.

Meridans 1

ALLERGY MERIDIAN:Desensitization of the allergy energy flow.
CONNECTIVE TISSUE:Regulation of the connective tissue.
BLADDER:Regulation of the bladder energy control.
LARGE INTESTINE:Harmonizing the energy field of the large intestine.
SMALL INTESTINE:Harmonizing the energy control of the small intestine.
FATTY DEGENERATION:Energetic regulation of cell update.
GALLBLADDER:Regulation of the digestion of fat.
JOINTS:Balancing of flexibility.
SKIN:Promotion of the energy pathway of the skin.

Meridans 2

HORMONAL BALANCE:Energetic hormone balancing.
CIRCULATION:Energetic regulation of blood circulation.
LIVER:Metabolism regulation.
LUNGS:Energetic respiratory balancing
LYMPHATIC SYSTEM:Energetic regulation of the lymphatic system
STOMACH:Harmonization of gastric function.
SPLEEN & PANCREAS:Stimulation of the spleen and pancreas.
NERVE MERIDIAN:Harmonization of the nerve function.
KIDNEY:Energy control of fluid balance.
ORGAN MERIDIAN:Harmonizing the energy flow of the organs.

Pain & Psyche

RELEASE:Release of pain no matter where the pain is located in the body.
PAIN:Relief of chronic pain
PAIN LOCALLY:Relief of chronic back pain
TOOTH & JAW:Supportive treatment of pain in mouth area.
JOINTS LOCAL:Local relief of joint pain.
MIGRAINE:Treatment of migraines & headaches.
INSOMNIA:Sleep disorder treatment
DEPRESSION:Supportive treatment of depressive feelings via the CNS (Central Nervous System)
ANXIETY:Relief of anxious feelings (stress) via the CNS (Central Nervous System)

Skin & Beauty

INNER BEAUTY:Supporting the coherence and expression of the energetic field.
HAIR:Stimulation of the follicles.
SKIN:Fostering of the epidermis
AGING:Support of the cell organelles (i.e. the “organs” within the cell)
NAILS:Stimulation of the nail bed.
SKIN ELASTICITY:Promotion of the lymphatic system.
LUNG FUNCTION:Optimization of lung function. (NOT AVAILABLE DURING COVID)
THYROID GLAND:Regulation of the thyroid function.
JOINTS & BONES:Stimulation of excretion of metabolites.
SCIATICA:Local stimulation of the sciatic nerve area.

What happens during a Quantum Frequency Therapy session?

The Healy Quantum Frequency Therapy Device is connected to a Smartphone or Tablet then interacts with your body via electrodes that are worn on the wrist, ear clip electrodes, or adhesive electrodes.

You will be fitted with the applications that best suit your size and needs. Your Aura Photo will be captured and an immediate analysis of your auric energy body will be processed. Aura Analysis consultation and review covering any questions. Your aura picture, analysis and information is sent directly to your email in (pdf) form to download.

Through The Healy Resonance Analysis System your bio-energy will be scanned and a recommendation for program application will be discussed before physical application takes place.

Agreed upon therapy will then begin by introducing micro currents into the body, designed to bring the cell voltage back into the healthy (physiological) range. These currents are very low, in the range of a few microamperes.

In order to further enhance the positive effects of frequency applications, it is recommended that you integrate the following routines into your everyday life:

  • Drink at least one 32oz. of pure, healthy water in the morning and 16oz. in the afternoon (do not drink water 30 minutes before and after meals)
  • If possible, release bioenergetic potential by earthing: walking barefoot outside for at least 15 minutes (this ensures natural electrical potential equalization)
  • Exercise in fresh air to activate the energy flow
  • Consume natural and balanced nutritional foods

What are possible outcomes of a Quantum Frequency Therapy session?

Outcomes can depend on several factors, but based on testimonials from all over the world, people are experiencing amazing results with Quantum Frequency Therapy. Some examples are improved sleep and overall emotional, mental wellness and pain reduction.

Who is this type of Therapy suitable for?

Healy Quantum Frequency Therapy is suitable for all adults, except for the following:

  • Not for use when metallic foreign bodies are in the area of treatment, pacemakers or implanted defibrillators are present, bleeding, risk of bleeding or embolism are present
  • Treatments must not be performed on areas of the skin which have been treated radio-therapeutically or have a sensory disorder, or if the user has a fever.
  • Not for use by pregnant women
  • Not for use by those with epilepsy
  • Too little data is available for the treatment of infants/small children

If you would like to know more about Quantum Frequency Therapy, or to see if it’s a good fit for you, schedule a Free Consultation Call with me today!

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