Meet Rev. Jennifer

Rev. Jennifer Matteo-Holtz C.Ht., B.Msc.

Rev. Jennifer Matteo-Holtz C.Ht., B.Msc.

Hello, thank you for visiting my website.

Being an Ordained Reverend of Metaphysics is so wonderful as it offers me the opportunity to meet so many unique souls and individuals. I can't wait to meet you soon too.

I am proud to offer Hypnosis and Spiritual advisory services around the world. I am available for virtual and in person events.

Solo sessions and gatherings in group services is FUN.

Ask me how you can book your Supernatural Soriee today!!!.

Groups are so much fun for everyone. I can come to you for a Supernatural Soiree.

As a Metaphysical Guide and Certified Clinical and Holistic Hypnotherapist I want you to know!

"Feel free to keep our eyes Open! You will still gain the gifts of helpful hypnotic suggestions during our sessions in conversations. I DO NOT need you to close your eyes!"

Many people are scared of hypnosis because they are not educated about hypnosis.

I want you to know...You are always the one in control and in charge!!

You can decided to change for the better. Not because I tell you to do anything!! Only because you automatically are feeling good and choosing to accept these changes with ease and grace.

You will take action when you are ready automatically in your time not my time.

The beneficial desired new state you have chosen will change with your powerful mind choices to shift in conversional hypnosis because you already desired this new you. You will create the new you.

I am just hear to guide you along the way.

Life can be fun when you know the Universal Laws that govern the game of life. I will teach you these Laws. So you can play the game of much easier automatically tuning into your desired life path.

Understand you will gain a much needed POWERFUL POSITIVE RAPID subconscious SHIFT !!

You will NEVER feel manipulated or under anyones foreign control. You are the BOSS!

I highly recommendation all clients conjoin listening to hypnotherapy in collaboration with cognitive communicational N.L.P. intuitive and guidance sessions (EYES OPEN) ūüėČCombining services BOOST the rapid effectiveness of your new desired healthy life state.

Regular weekly monthly and bi-monthly sessions are booked in advance.

You can and will reap these new rewards! Feeling better and better with each session accomplished.

During your session you are the BOSS APPLE SAUCE!!

NO ONE CAN manipulate or make you do anything!! This is a fact! Your mind will automatically kick out any unwanted or unethical concerns.

Only you hold the keys to the castle of your mind. No ūüöę Manipulations EVER!

Unique conversations that will help you automatically accept the positive shifts and changes you have already been wanting to correct for your life anyway.

When you listen and decide on your own what your higher mind decides to emphasize a new way of feeling acting and being. You will flourish into the best version of you!

Talk to you soon

Rev. Jen

Rev. Jennifer utilizes¬†3-E¬ģ Enlightened, Energy, Evolution¬†in all her sessions and services.

I can’t wait to share with you the divine knowledge I have learned in regards to your powerful subconscious minds function. I call the subconscious the seat of the S.O.U.L. Where you are fully able and open to manifest rapidly, and materialize positive changes in your life, mind, body and spirit. 

"Your S.O.U.L. is the; Subconscious

Opening to Universal Love. "

The Subconscious mind is designed  for many unique functions. It never sleeps or takes a break. It controls all vital processes and functions of the body.

Did you know your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life. It is meant to bring you joy effortlessly.

You just have to practice and listen.

I appreciate the honor of guiding you on the path towards your greatness. 

On a personal note my passions and loves in life are being a mom to two amazing fur babies. Two cats found me and adopted me. thank goodness.

When not working I am playing with friends and family.

Daily cycling rain or shine. I spin my wheels because I love the way it feels to charge my batteries nd boosts endorphin’s of feel good chemicals in my mind, body and spirit.

Lastly, I am a life long lover and student of yoga. I became a RYT 500 teacher in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Karmic Yoga in 2017 with Green Lotus Yoga Studio Annendale, MN.

Thank you for visiting my site. Looking forward to connecting with you soon

Rev. Jen. M.H.


‚ÄúEnlightened Energy Evolution. SM‚ÄĚ ¬†The¬†3-E¬†¬ģ soul shift needed to get you un-stuck, out of lower¬†3D¬†life consciousness, enabling higher mind awareness, self mastery, amazing manifestation and magnetic materialization, to flow into your life with ease and grace.