Metaphysics | Spiritual Science

Metaphysics is Science Spiritual  (M.S.S)  Science and Spirit come together in a unity minded philosophy, offering an updated vision of the world that correlates with both modern science and ancient spiritual teachings.

M.S.S. offers higher spiritual truth beyond what is found in conventional, traditional, fundamentalist, or dogmatic religion.

There is encouragement of the individual’s metaphysical perspectives for creating a diversity of new approaches to spiritual practice.

Metaphysical Spiritual Science

Points Of Interest

  • The following areas of human life have been improved by many who have studied and applied religious metaphysical spiritual science daily:  love, relationships, income, career, creativity, improved health, increased ESP, success, fulfillment, and happiness.
  • Spiritual healing or health maintenance is possible through the practice of spiritual science philosophy. I do not oppose medical science and prefer to work with it spiritually for the health of all humanity. Personal change begins with belief in a Supreme Universal Intelligence.
  • Belief that there is a divine purpose to life for you individually.
  • Belief that human beings are happiest and most fulfilled when they have found the purpose for their souls’ existence.
  • Belief that human suffering is as a direct result of failing to find  and create higher purpose one’s life.
  • Belief that every person, whether they are conscious of it or not, is an individualized expression of Universal Presence.
  • Belief that your thoughts, words and faith filled actions create your individualized human form. This is where the phrase, “The Spirit made Flesh.” is derived.
  • Belief that all religions have a purpose and were allowed to be created to bring some degree of spirituality or belief to peoples of all cultures, races, and origins. Encouragement to live peacefully with people of varying religious traditions, preferring to engage in peaceful dialogue rather than senseless warring.
  • Belief that the soul lives eternally.
  • Belief that there is an afterlife existence and that there are many levels or realms of that existence.
  • Belief that Cosmic Consciousness and Presence lives as the life force and natural intelligence within the body of every human being.
  • Belief that human beings can gain direct access to the Collective Energy Presence within themselves through higher consciousness. This access is gained through Learning to live within the Universal Laws, New Thought Self Empowered Knowledge and  Transcendent Self Hypnosis or Mystical Meditation.
  • Belief that access to Inner Presence awakens the intuitive channels of the mind to influence one’s conscious mind. Such influence provides direct divine guidance. Empowering the soul to improving major human concerns of life: love, relationships, income, health, personal fulfillment, lasting happiness, creativity and – above all – one’s Unity and Universal Law of ONE to create purpose for having been born to this life.
  • Bringing basic concepts to those who are off a sound mind to find such principles as being natural to their own awareness.
  • The positive compassion of the human spirit should be emphasized. Metaphysical understanding, personal higher connection and Humanity Unity minded philosophy rather than dwelling on making a religious sanctioned lifestyle out of negative polarized beliefs enabling separation and fear based zealotry.
  • No one religion is right and all others wrong!! Each exists to serve whatever level of spiritual evolution its leaders and supporters have attained.
  • The ultimate purpose of life is to reunite with the Source Presence within, and improve one’s life and that of others.
  • The the Creator Source is individualized through all and the LAW OF ONE seeking expression through all creation.
  • The Universal Life Presence exists in all living things, as the creating and life sustaining force within its creations.
  • The Universal Presence can be directly contacted. This has been the assertion of mystics through the ages.
  • Divine revelation is possible, in all ages, by members of any faith, at any time in history.
  • The point of contact with the Collective  Consciousness is at the center of the human mind. This can be experienced spontaneously in meditation and other means and practices.
  • The pursuit of Presence at the center of the mind necessitates traveling through other mind levels to reach it. This experience gives direct knowledge of other dimensions of existence, including those into which the soul passes when leaving the physical life.
  • Prayer, Declaration, Benediction, and Mantra produces results when rightly understood and practiced. These are most successful when in tune with Divine Will and the Soul’s purpose for this life.
  • The teachings of All Ascended Masters of mystical awareness and comprehension can give spiritual insight, leading to improvement of human life.
  • Human Beings have not been born sinful by nature. There is actions that may be deemed sinful, it occurs through separation from Source due to lack of contact between the human level of the mind and the Divine level of the soul.
  • The appearance of bad or evil is not caused by any kind of devil, but by separation from The Divine Loving Source. This causes division between people and subsequent wrong doing is the result.
  • The finding of spiritual truth begins with intuitive recognition of the intellectual reality of spiritual truth. This is only an individualized reality when mystically accepted and experienced as the first priority of one’s life.
  • Pre-existence to physical life and other existence is possible through direct contact in Meditation or Hypnosis.
  • Human life, both individually and collectively, can be improved by the application of the power of Universal Law understanding, spiritual principles and practices in daily life.