Awakening Your Soul From An Unbalanced State To Enlightenment

Awakening Your Soul From An Unbalanced State To Enlightenment



The Eight Ways To Recognize You Are Unbalanced And The Three Tips to Quickly Reset Your Balanced and  Enlightened State

Recognize any of these traits of imbalance ?

1) You wake up every day feeling like something is off but you don’t know what it is.

2) You feel disconnected from yourself.

3) Your external reality is not matching up with what you really desire.

4) You are getting sick a lot.

5) You feel tired, sluggish and uninspired.

6)You feel unclear, foggy, stuck, or like you can’t see what’s next for you.

7)You’re not attracting what you want.

8)No matter what you do, it’s not working out.

***Want your power, passion and purpose front and center!!!***

***Need to gain that feeling of higher purpose and enlightenment.***


You must synchronize the heart vibration and the minds vibration to be congruent with the heart vibration of happiness in order to begin manifestation of the desired results.


Check out these 3 tips for quick change in your life today.

1) Calm Your Mental Chatter


Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Guidance is key to releasing stress from worries and fears. This centering to calm mind and heart will immediately begin to bring your vibrational resonance back into the state you desire to be in order to align with all the powerful positive you desire to attract in life. The best part is you can automatically build on this daily to create the power you need to stave off going out of balance at any point in the future. Rather you will be daily conditioning your heart and mind to feel peace, calm and comfort. This is essential to your ability to synchronize to all life has to offer you for success, happiness and enlightened abundance in life. It is easily attained by having a free consultation a purchasing your personalized hypnotherapy MP3 for at home Self Hypnosis. It is as easy as click play, listen and reset the subconscious mind to synchronize with your hearts desires.(Release emotional and mental blocks holding you back from your happiness, health and abundance through hypnotherapy)


2) Find Your Zone Of Focus

Turn off distractions and finish tasks! Turn off the electronics. If you know gadgets, TV and social media are your focus killers. Set them to mute. Unplug them or simply set a time limit for use and stick to it. You see your focus is much like a water hose. If you have tons of holes (distractions) in your water line.The water will have no pressure to put out the important fires you are trying to focus on achieving your dreams and desires. You will be watering everything but your true life goals. The same applies when you are not focused on finishing the tasks at hand daily. It is the simple things that poke holes in your water line of pressure. You can create the ability to be focused easily and effortlessly through hypnotherapy. Understand even if you have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit HyperActivity Disorder (A.D.H.D.) rewiring the electromagnetic synapses of your mind for calm clarity and focus is attainable through daily use of hypnotherapy and reinforcement recordings. Such as, the hypnotherapy MP3’s  I can create customized to your needs. As a matter of fact! Many times hypnotherapy is used for adults and adolescents as adjunctive therapy in conjunction with traditional medical and psychological treatments for ADHD. This combination helps to create a complete safety net of comfort and control for the client dealing with ADHD, allowing for the needed calm and focused mental state. This is done when they choose not to take medication or simply desire more alternatives treatments along with medications and traditional medical approach to the desired state. So you see anyone can achieve calm focussed laser like action towards their life.

Think of it this way. If your mind is powerful enough to be out of sync and unfocused it has even more ability to be in sync and function with perfect balance, because you will be in charge of training it to respond the way you expect it too function for you daily now. As you have accomplish the disfunction so now you can too accomplish the complete function of focus.


3) Do Work That You Love

Have fun, enjoy your passion. Live your creative souls urge. If it doesn’t make you smile while you are doing the task it is not your Enlightened Purpose or Life Paths Urge!!!

I ask you what do you search on line? What do you read about? What are you deciding to spend your hard earned funds to enjoy? What keeps your mind and heart signing with excitement? 

This is where you need to focus your steady stream of energy. Even if you can not afford to bust out and do your chosen life path work full time asap. 

A little at a time can create the mark you are wanting to forge in life. Money will eventually begin to flow to you in time. After all every little drop of rain creates the rivers that nurture our planet. Be willing to accept each drop with thankful grace and live in the state of gratitude not defeat.There is no such thig as defeat in manifestation only slight delay. An  Attitude of Gratitude aligns you with your highest good always. Remember even the hardest river rocks smooth out, in the consistent flow of the gentle water of the rivers of the world. You got this go with the flow!!

Need Guidance and Assistance to gain your PERSONAL POWER of enlightened balance in your life NOW????

My quick resetting appointments are available to easily guide your mind, body and spirit into balance and synchronicity.

Call for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation 320-292-9529 or  Schedule your choice of  in- person or video chat appointments available online for instant assistance by visiting my scheduling page. 

Rev. Jennifer Matteo-Holtz C.Ht.

Certified Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Guidance, Ordained Minister  Spiritual Life Coach 

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