From A Distance

From A Distance


Rev. Jennifer Matteo-Holtz C.Ht 


Silence crowds the spaces and the places that once ran full of noise. Eerie days and nights feel full of frights, as silence plagues us all in the distance. Divide grows wide and crowds between friends and family both near and far.

Don’t dare go out or you too shall share in the air full of death and despair, waiting hiding at a distance. 

Time between schrill sirens sounds grow nearer closer and clearer, all around from a distance. Chauffeuring in the suffering to sit in safe space, squeezing air into the lungs and praying for grace, from a distance. 

Coughs create fear that run a muck and catastrophe should you suck in air from a distance. Don’t dare to sneeze, it knocks you on your knees. God forbid you have disease. Don’t be the one they all shall shun.They will say, “Stay away!” As fear spreads near. Don’t shed a tear, don’t touch your face it’s now a disgrace. Sniffles cause great glares and stares, in the distance. Looking through peepholes. Doors locked tight should it creep in tonight, through the scary silent distance. 

Cover your eyes, ears and mouth. Put your hands together tight and pray. Beg the sickness should slip past you swiftly from a distance. If you are lucky it will pass, without a notice or a glance far, far, from your face at a distance. 

How lucky can you be to breathe in healthfully. Take in your air so easily without a thought automatically. 

Your health, your wealth, you now see, is good as gold for you and me. In the past no thanks be given, as we inhaled pristine pride driven. Hanging in the air was, “Don’t give a care!” All around it was profound. A birthright we shared so gleefully.The thought of a polluted pulmonary is now so scary. We all now know. The spaciousness of a safe place is the price we all now pay to stay at a distance! 

Truth be told, some are so bold.They do their jobs with pride and ease for all of us to live free of disease.

 It is true for me and you. Some are not given another day to repair and too play. Simple breath is the greatest gift you can NEVER repay. Gifted you at birth from a grand and silent distant source. No one sees or hears a sound, but we all know God has angels on the ground. They bless us from far and wide with the healing services they provide.  

Bow your head, give great thanks and praise to live another day. This luxury is not shared by all in harm’s way. Let us all pray for those affected and the caregivers today from a safe distance. 

Lord lift those warriors and workers all on high. Raising their energy up to the sky in Divine Divinity. Place them in circles of safety, health and serenity. Every day peacefully we pray from a distance. Amen 

Thank you to all the people still working and serving as healers and helpers on the front lines of this fight for the future health of generations.

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